Our Story

A range of skincare and cosmetic products originally developed for Women and Men undergoing Chemotherapy and other Cancer treatments.

RenewYOU launched in the UK in May 2018 with our fabulous RenewYOU skincare range.

All the products had been specially formulated for patients undergoing cancer treatments, or for people who may have severe skin conditions.

Such was the success of the products that we had inquiries asking if anyone who wasn't undergoing harsh treatments could use our products and the answer most definitely is 'YES' - RenewYOU skincare can be used by people of all ages and all skin types because our ingredients are safe and clean to use and produce excellent results.

Under normal circumstances (pre co-vid) we arranged free workshops regularly throughout the UK. Here people can learn what is good and what is not good for their skin whilst being able to use our products in a fun and relaxed environment. By understanding what not to use they they will avoid risking adverse reactions on their skin. They can also leave with a selection of free samples to try at home. We hope to be able to start these again soon!


The face behind RenewYOU Cancertology

The range was created by Susan Wolf, LE, COE, LMT. A licensed Aesthetician, who trained in Oncology Aesthetics and has spent over seven years working closely with cancer patients to understand and to perfect her range of Skincare and Colour cosmetics in America. Susan’s work with the American Cancer Society and the ’Look Good Feel Better’ Program has lead her to find her true passion, helping Cancer patients feel better and look fabulous!


RenewYOU skincare in the UK

RenewYOU Cancertology UK and Europe is headed by ​Jonathan Sorrell-Fleet. A serial entrepreneur who in previous lives has worked with L’Oreal, Redken, Virgin Vie and Monu Skincare and has launched new businesses here in the UK and Europe.

Jonathan is passionate about skincare and has been involved in the skincare and cosmetics industry for over 25 years. He is quoted as saying that the RenewYOU range of ‘safe’ skincare products are an absolute revelation within the industry.